Birdfest 2017

by Steve Torre on April 27, 2017

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by Steve Torre on March 5, 2017

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We Are Banding

by Steve Torre on March 5, 2017

SBBO volunteers set up the nets for the Spring 2017 banding season on
Saturday, March 4. Banding began on Sunday, March 5.
Visitors are welcome on Saturdays from 8am-4pm and Sunday
mornings from 8am-10:00am. Birds are more active in the
morning; less so in the afternoon when they rest. Guests may
walk along with volunteers on a designated net run as they
check the mist nets. Nets are checked, at a minimum, hourly.
The safety of the birds is the primary concern; therefore,
weather conditions such as heavy rain or excessive heat or cold
dictate whether banding takes place.
It is suggested that visitors call ahead to assure that volunteer
staff are present 815-629-2671.